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Why pet insurance?

Pet insurance provides peace of mind to pet owners who fear their next vet bill will put them into debt, as well as ensures the security that you will provide the best life to your pet. 

Without pet insurance, the typical pet owner can be surprised by enormous vet bills.  For instance, a tooth extraction can be $1200, or cancer treatment for your beloved pet can be as high as $6,000.  Even a simple UTI could be $300. Pet insurance allows these unexpected bills to be manageable and assists in providing the best and healthiest life for your pet.

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is an insurance policy that can be taken out on any animal.  From vet visits to more severe aliments, the policy will assist in reimbursement. Pet insurance premiums are paid monthly, and can cover prescription drug costs, surgeries, exams, cancer treatment, chronic conditions, hospitalization, rehab, and even behavioral training.  

Does pet insurance cover cats? What about other kinds of animals?

Pet insurance is not just for dogs; cat insurance is offered as well.  Cat insurance is also cheaper, generally half the amount of dog insurance. 

Insurance for other more exotic animals, such as birds and reptiles, is also offered. 

Can I keep my vet?

Yes!  Most pet insurance policies do not operate on a network, and your primary vet can still take care of your pet.  Veterinary costs are billed to you normally, and the policy then reimburses you. 

When should I get pet insurance?

Some pet insurance will not cover preexisting conditions, so the sooner the better for both you and your pet.

Is pet insurance worth it?

Insurance in its purest form is the transferring of risk.  In exchange for not having to worry about one large, exorbitant vet bill, a small premium is paid monthly.  Pet insurance, much like health insurance, can help eliminate the medical troubles of pet ownership.

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