Subject: Seminar
Title: Challenges in Estate Planning

Tuesday August 13th, 6pm.

Klemmers Banquet Center
10401 W. Oklahoma Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53227

Tuesday August 13th, 6pm. Doors Open at 5:30pm Appetizers and Refreshments Provided

Ensuring that you have proper Estate Planning documents in place is a crucial part of the overall planning process. Trusts, Wills and Powers of Attorney documents can make the difference between a smooth, private transition of assets to the next generation and spending hundreds, if not thousands, on sending an estate through probate.

You probably know someone who has gone through this process, perhaps yourself.  This 60 minute informational seminar focuses on the differences between different types of Trusts, Powers of Attorney and how they can benefit you and your loved ones.  Other topics that will be covered include how to prevent nursing home spend down and Living Wills.

Join Kim Steinbrenner (CRPC) and Attorney James Weber for this informational seminar and please feel free to bring any questions that you may have regarding your own situation.

Coffee and light appetizers will be served.


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